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For foreign patients

If you don't have Japanese health insurance qualification, please contact us by email before you come to the hospital.

About medical fee

At Iwai Orthopaedic Medical Hospital, all care for foreign nationals who do not have Japanese health insurance qualification is charged at a rate of 20 yen per 1 medical remuneration point. The same applies to Japanese citizens living overseas who do not have Japanese health insurance qualification.

About interpretation

Lack of explanation or misunderstandings due to the deference of language may cause serious medical accident. We introduce a medical interpreter and ask you to come to this hospital with him/her in order to communicate correctly.
In such case, patients will bear approximately 25,000yen for once (up to 4hours) to hire him/her. Please be sure to come with an interpreter.When you don’t agree with arranging a medical interpreter, please come with someone who can communicate in Japanese. In this case we will not be able to bear the responsibility of any damage caused by improper interpreting and so on unfortunately.

About religious request

Not all religious requests can be arranged. Especially about meal we serve during hospitalization, you should tell us your requets before admission to the hospital. We try to comply with your demands as much as we can.
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