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Acceptance of visitors to observe surgical procedures


As an educational activity, Iwai Medical Foundation accepts a program in which doctors from other medical institutions can observe our surgical procedures and receive training sessions.
Iwai Orthopedic Medical Hospital has been designated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a hospital to provide clinical training to foreign medical practitioners. Foreign medical practitioners who do not have a medical license to practice medicine in Japan are not allowed to engage in medical practices, such as making a diagnosis, providing treatment, or a series of related examinations and testing for patients. However, Japan has a system called a “clinical training system” for foreign medical doctors who would like to receive training including medical practices. In this system, foreign practitioners are permitted by the Minster of Health, Labour and Welfare to provide medical services in Japan (excluding the issuance of prescriptions) under certain restrictions for two years.
If you are a foreign medical practitioner and are interested in observing spinal endoscopic operations performed by Japanese surgeons with excellent techniques and in learning these skills, please feel free to contact us.

Contents of training

Trainees aim to acquire the surgical techniques shown below by completing a one-year training course. The annual number of operations for a surgeon will be about 100 to 150 cases. Other than this, when the need arises, the trainees will be able to work as surgical first assistants to senior surgeons in their operations.

  • MED
  • MECD
  • MECL
  • MEL
  • USE


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