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In addition to large rooms, private, two-bed and four-bed rooms with extra charges (special medical care rooms) are available in our hospital.With regard to admission after 22:00 (the time for lights-out in our hospital), we advise patients to use a private room or a two-bed room with extra charges so as not to disturb other inpatients when they are going to sleep.

List of charges for Special Medical Care Rooms (Beds with Extra Charges)

Below rates includes tax and shows per day charges.

Rooms Charges Notes
6beds room \0
4beds room \4,320
2beds room \8,640
Private room \12,960~\27,000 The is a room with unit bath

For patients who will stay in a large room

  • We will provide towels and hand towels only to patients who requested them when they were admitted.
  • We may ask you to switch to a private room if you cause trouble for others.
  • Because the room is shared, we are unable to respond to all issues, such as snoring and tooth-grinding.
  • If you feel too uncomfortable to continue staying in the room, you may be asked to switch to a private room. However, please understand that a private room is not always available.
  • There can also be patients in the room who have just had surgery, so please be considerate of others, and pay attention to the loudness of your voice and so on when you talk with one another.
Using the TV

To watch TV, you can buy a card from a vending machine located next to the public phones by the elevator. One card costs 1,000 yen for 1000 points (you can watch TV for 923 minutes).The remaining amount can be adjusted using an automatic payment machine in the dayroom on the 2nd floor of the hospital ward.

  • If you are staying in a large room, you are asked to wear earphones when watching TV. Earphones can also be purchased at the nursing station. The cost of 324 yen (including consumption tax) is charged when you are released from the hospital.
  • You do not need to use earphones if you are staying in a private room, but be careful that sound does not leak out to the corridor.
  • You must set your cell phone to silent mode so as not to annoy other patients, and refrain from making voice calls in patient rooms. If you need to make a voice call, please do it on the staircase landing. However, you need to go to the Phone Area on the 1st floor after 20:00.
  • You can use the public phones located on each floor. We are not able to handle incoming calls for patients unless there is an emergency.
Bringing electrical appliances to a patient room
  • Tell our staff if you will bring in any electrical appliances.
Free Internet Access

FREESPOT wireless LAN service is offered at this hospital to provide inpatients with free Internet access. The service can be used by any wireless-enabled PC, smartphone or tablet computer.

Where access is available
  • On the 2nd and 3rd floors of the ward
How to use FREESPOT
  • Although Internet access is available free of charge through this service, fees for chargeable online services will be borne by users.
  • The hospital will not be responsible for any damage incurred from the use of this service.
  • We do not rent out equipment required to access the service.
  • Please be advised that you may experience a poor connection depending on signal strength.
  • There is a safe deposit box in the drawer of the bedside cabinet.
    Note that if you lose or damage the key to the safe deposit box, we will charge 324 yen for the key (including consumption tax).
  • As a protection against theft, you should not carry a large amount of money or valuables with you. We do not take any responsibility for lost or stolen items
  • Be sure to inform the nursing station if you leave the hospital ward.


Vending machines

Our hospital does not have a store. Vending machines (beverages) are located at the hospital entrance and on the 1st basement floor.*OS-1 (an oral rehydration drink) is also available in the vending machine on the basement floor (next to a goods vending machine).

In the waiting room on the 1st floor
At the entrance and on the 1st basement floor
T-bandage pants
On the 1st basement floor
On the 1st basement floor
Laundry detergent
On the 1st basement floor

If you need to wash your clothes, you can use the laundry equipment in the bathroom on the 3rd floor. Laundry detergent can be bought from the vending machine on the basement floor (you must bring fabric softener yourself if you need it).

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