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In addition to large rooms, private, two-bed and four-bed rooms with extra charges (special medical care rooms) are available in our hospital.With regard to admission after 22:00 (the time for lights-out in our hospital), we advise patients to use a private room or a two-bed room with extra charges so as not to disturb other inpatients when they are going to sleep.

List of charges for Special Medical Care Rooms (Beds with Extra Charges)

Below rates includes tax and shows per day charges.

Rooms Charges Notes
6beds room ¥0
4beds room ¥4,400
2beds room ¥11,000
Private room C ¥15,400 6.41 ~ 8.49m²
Private room B ¥19,800 11.08m²
Private room A ¥22,000 12.47m²
Private room A ¥22,000 9.94m²
The is a room with unit bath.

For patients who will stay in a large room

  • We will provide towels and hand towels only to patients who requested them when they were admitted.
  • We may ask you to switch to a private room if you cause trouble for others.
  • Because the room is shared, we are unable to respond to all issues, such as snoring and tooth-grinding.
  • If you feel too uncomfortable to continue staying in the room, you may be asked to switch to a private room. However, please understand that a private room is not always available.
  • There can also be patients in the room who have just had surgery, so please be considerate of others, and pay attention to the loudness of your voice and so on when you talk with one another.


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