For Outpatients

What is EAJ?

If you are a patient who lives outside Japan and would like to see a doctor or receive treatment in our hospital, we will make an arrangement for your visit through Emergency Assistance Japan Co., Ltd. (EAJ), an Accredited Medical Travel Assistance Company with which our hospital has a business partnership agreement.
EAJ can serve as an intermediary between patients and our hospital and provide all kinds of support for patients, from traveling to Japan until returning home.

Support services

EAJ will be able to provide support services and the like for patients, including the following.

  • Helping the patient obtain a Visa for Medical Stay
  • Paying the cost of medical treatment on behalf of the patient
  • Arranging a medical interpreter service for the patient
Visa for Medical Stay

A visa issued to international patients (and to people accompanying them) who wish to visit Japan for the purpose of receiving medical treatment and so on in a Japanese medical institution. For more information on the visa, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

About the cost of support services

Please note that the cost of support services provided by EAJ will be paid by the patient. Furthermore, international patients traveling from overseas are not allowed to be admitted to the hospital without the intermediation of EAJ unless there are special circumstances.


International patients who live in Japan and are not covered by the national health insurance

These patients can also use the same support services provided by EAJ as patients who live outside Japan. If you have any problems or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


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